Royal Adjusting Services - A Texas Adjusting Company

A business is defined as group of people who provide a product or a service. A definition which applies directly to the business of claims, and more specifically, the business of independent claims adjusting and appraisals.

Royal Adjusting Services continues to apply this very simple (and often forgotten) definition as a philosophy to our daily claims business. We understand adjusting firms are interchangeable so we work hard to prove our service is worthy of your hard-earned insurance dollars.

Auto Claims

Royal Adjusting Services can help you with all your auto claims needs. We are here to help keep your phone from ringing and to ensure you only pay what you owe on the claims you owe.

Liability Investigations

Royal Adjusting Services can help you with your liability claims and investigations. Our adjusters are training in taking detailed statements, getting all the pictures, video and evidence needed to help make an informed and accurate liability determination.

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Property Investigations

Royal Adjusting Services is one of the leading property claims adjusting companies. We pride outside in excellent cycle times with great customer service. We would love the chance to help take care of your customers when they need it.

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Catastrophe Action-Plan

Royal Adjusting Services has helped companies and customers after some of the toughest weather mother nature can dish out and through tough times whatever the cause. We pride ourselves in quick contact and getting on scene quickly to help people when they need it the most.

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