About Us

Royal Adjusting Services is a Texas Insurance Adjusting Company

A business is defined as group of people who provide a product or a service. A definition which applies directly to the business of claims, and more specifically, the business of independent claims adjusting and appraisals.

Royal Adjusting Services continues to apply this very simple (and often forgotten) definition as a philosophy to our daily claims business. We understand adjusting firms are interchangeable so we work hard to prove our service is worthy of your hard-earned insurance dollars. Creative and custom problem-solving for each unique situation thrown our way is one of the many ways we separate ourselves from the rest of the competition. Our business thrives best when we:

  1. Perform the job outlined in our agreement and
  2. Are accessible and easy to communicate with.

Test us and see if we stand behind our timeliness guarantee. Email claims@royaladjustingservices.com and we can set up your HOT claim RIGHT NOW. Discover how accessible and responsive our hand-picked customer service staff performs. The same staff is responsible for picking up the phone to listen and empathize with an anxious policy holder.